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Why Everyone Should Want to Be Bilingual

Learning French has never been more worthwhile! Beyond the obvious benefits, there’s

loads of other huge reasons why everyone should want to be bilingual. From boosting brain

power to helping your kids grow up bilingual, learning French is about a lot more than just

being able to go talk to French people! With that in mind, here are six huge benefits of

becoming bilingual.

1. It Helps You Think

There have been numerous studies that examine the brain power and memory-boosting

advantage of learning another language. Just the act of memorizing, learning to use and

engaging with another language can offer a huge range of brain power boosting benefits.

Potential benefits include multitasking skills, attention and focus, problem-solving and

memory-boosting benefits.

2. Learn About and Engage with Other Cultures

It can be easy to stay within your own culture, but it’s horribly limiting when you really think

about it. French cinema, music, television, comedy, literature and a thousand other French

language activities become completely accessible and fun. Being exposed to other cultures

is a sure way to become a more well-rounded person, and knowing the language makes it a

truly immersive experience.

3. Get More Out of Travel

Visiting other places and going on holiday is always fun, but it’s even better if you can

befriend locals and enjoy experiences off the beaten track. Lots of interesting places around

the world speak French, as well as France, you’ve got Canada, Madagascar, Monaco,

Belgium, and many others! There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to sit down in a

restaurant and just be able to converse and engage with the waiter properly.

4. Become More Employable

Job hunting can be competitive but becoming bilingual can really give you that special edge

against the competition. If you’re interested in working internationally, becoming bilingual

can be just the ticket. You’re able to communicate clearly with foreign clients and

customers, and if you’re based somewhere like Canada, knowing French and English can

really be the key to getting a great job.

5. You Raise Your Kids Bilingual

Learning a language takes time and effort, but not when you’re a kid! You just pick it up. You

can give the gift of growing up bilingual to your kids. From simply using French at home to

encouraging your kids to become proficient in more than one language, your understanding

of multiple languages allows you to really help them achieve bilingual fluency at a young


6. Want to Learn Another Language as Well?

Lastly, once you’ve learned a new language like French, it becomes much easier to become

proficient in another, third, language. If you’re an aspiring polyglot, learning more than two

languages might be on your list. You’ll be glad to hear that it’s meant to become easier after

learning your first new language. If that’s not an amazing reason to get started learning

today, I don’t know what is!


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