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A Parisian-born French teacher, Madame Chantal is dedicated to helping her students learn language organically in an active and fully-engaged environment.

First French Tutoring provides expert training in the French language with emphasis on critical thinking and leadership skills. We have a variety of programs suitable for all ages.


Chantal Harzig is a credentialed master teacher with many years of experience and training in bi-lingual education.


We specialize in full immersion classes for children of three to four years old. And now we are offering our full immersion class in the afternoon for kindergarten students. Chantal is successful due to her unique approach to teaching her students which is very interactive and fun.


By getting her students more involved each day they learn more quickly than any other program.

What People Say

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Lupis B.

Huntington Beach, CA

My daughter is currently taking frech with Madame Chantal, and she loves it. She really enjoy it. She's always singing the songs and trying to learn more words. In My opinion Madame Chantal is a great teacher and very dedicate. The kids are very happy to interact each others.

Madame Chantal Art proyects are the best. There's not words to explain how graceful we're with her and her love to teach.