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9 Habits to Boost Language Learning

There’s no two ways about it, learning French can be tricky. However, if you utilize great teaching and the right daily habits, it can become a much more enjoyable journey towards fluency. Here’s nine great habits to boost your language learning experience.

Fit In Practice

There are a million opportunities to practice and review French lessons, from sitting on public transport to waiting for your dinner to be ready. Don’t just sit and scroll on social media, use this opportunity to practice a little!

Change Your Phone Language to French

You already know where everything is on your phone, so changing the language can be a great way to get used to seeing and reading French regularly. Simply go into the settings and put French as the language and start using your language skills on the regular!

Take Notes in the Best Way for You

The traditional note-taking approach is pen and pad, what if that doesn’t work great for you? Don’t force yourself to take lackluster, unhelpful notes, find a way that works. Whether that’s verbally dictating into your phone, writing on your laptop, or whatever, it’s vital to find the way that works best for you when learning French.

Review, Review, Review

What was the point of making all those notes if you’re not going to review them? Remember the purpose of making the notes in the first place.

Do a Little Every Single Day

Breaking down your practice into little chunks and making sure to do it daily can keep you focused, on track and making progress, even when you can’t spend a huge amount of time on each practice session.

Watch French Television and Film

One of the major benefits of learning a new language is getting to enjoy their culture and media as it was meant to be enjoyed. Start watching some French television and films on the regular, if need be, utilize subtitles, but if you can, try to follow without.

Forget Motivation

Motivation isn’t really a helpful concept. Tying your success to the idea that you require some external factor to be in place to get work done is only ever going to hold you back. Habit, routine, and commitment are far more powerful.

Don’t Make Excuses to Yourself

We all make excuses to ourselves about why we haven’t done things, but it’s important not to let these excuses hold us back and stop us from making progress. Sometimes, you’ve got a reason to miss practicing, but most of the time, the real issue is time management and prioritization, and only you can really hold yourself accountable for that.

Enjoy Your Victories

Lastly, after all the stoical, accountability talk, it’s all about enjoying the little victories. Getting to really revel in your latest achievement is a vital part on the journey to fluency, so be sure to take note when you achieve something and really enjoy it. This is a big part of the journey to French fluency, so enjoy those little wins.


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