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About French as a second language

XXXX says:

It is a misconception to think Spanish is somehow a more "useful" language than French. While it is true that more people speak Spanish than French, French is still a significant language in the world, and choosing to learn French is considered a smart choice.

French is a widely spoken language, with 28 countries having French as an official language, an impressive amount. Also, French is a very important language when so many notable organizations use it, such as the UN, NATO, International Red Cross, UNESCO, International Labor Bureau, and Universal Postal Union.

I understand that you believe Spanish is a better choice than French, especially since in California, Spanish is a familiar sight. Dismissing French just because Spanish is more spoken, however, is probably jumping to conclusions. There are plenty advantages French has over Spanish, and these should not be overlooked.

I am a French student, and I often hear people say that "Spanish is more useful". After learning to understand this important language, I understand that this says

YYYY says

agree with Daisy. I studied Spanish in High School and still speak it to a degree. But to prepare for my trip to France this summer I took some French classes to help me with conversation. I enjoyed it so much that I am continuing my lessons and starting to get better with it. It's a beautiful language and has been extremely helpful with keeping my brain alert. There are many good reasons for starting a child out with French and opens up so many great opportunities as they go through life. To dismiss it in such a way is a serious mistake. Vive le France!