Our French Curriculum

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French as a Second Language (FSL)
Recognizing the importance of teaching children a second language will work around themes to develop oral communication skills, vocabulary, reading and grammar as well as phonics using visual guides. To sign up, click here

French for the Native Speaker
This class follows a French curriculum using French textbooks in order to guide and nourish your French speaking capabilities. If you're enrolling your child, we will make sure he/she progresses as appropriate to their grade level. We will also compensate them by taking into consideration their elementary/highschool curriculum in order to further guide them.

This class follows the strict control and guidelines of the French Ministry of National Education. The purpose of this is to evaluate your knowledge of French and provide you with enough education to be reincorporated into France, if and when you return. If you're enrolling your child, he/she will be taught according to his/her grade level so they're well-prepared before they return to France. Each test is corrected in France and all degrees are French accredited.

Advanced Placement (AP) & SAT Preparation
This class is designed to prepare students who wish to take the advanced placement test in high school for college credit, as well as students who are planning on taking the SAT.
Timeline of French History and Literature
This focuses on French literature by giving an understanding of cultural and intellectual history of France.
Corporate Program
This course is directed towards corporations that conduct business with French-speaking countries. We will also directly teach you dialogue appropriate to conducting business. This is a very useful course for executives, salesmen, and anyone else directly dealing with French-speaking corporations. We are capable of teaching these courses at your location.
Conversational Program
This is a crash course to prepare you to be able to hold entire conversations in French, without the long drawn out process of years of education. This program focuses on dialogue and real-life topics that will make you fully prepared to survive on your own in an entirely French environment.

Some of the Books We Use

A Selection of Children Projects